Live N Dream Bed

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€1,290.00 - €2,190.00 €1,032.00 - €1,752.00
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Enjoy the great comfort of LIVE N DREAM bedding and its compilation of innovations.

Novotel has designed a flexible slat foundation articulated mattress to provide you an outstanding capacity for motion-absorption all night long. This upholstered grey bed base with its natural wood feet is modern and design and will bring in your bedroom the serenity you are looking for. For a greater comfort and to ensure a better distribution of the weight, the queen and king sizes beds are composed of 2 bases (90x200cm for the king size and 80x200cm for the queen size) and 8 feet.

LIVE N DREAM mattress includes the memory foam technology to give maximal support and comfort to your back and let you experience a great sleeping and relaxing.

Upholstered grey bed base - Specifications and details
  • 1 base for Single and Twin sizes – 2 bases for Queen and King sizes
  • Bed base height: 15cm
  • Mattress height: 22cm
  • Bed base with birch slats
  • 38 visible polywood slats (19 for sizes 90x200cm and 100x200cm)
  • Material: body structure in pine and beech wood
  • Coating: anthracite grey outline
  • Fabric: fire retardant 100% treated polyester
Square legs:
  • Material: Wenge colour beech wood
  • Width: 8cm
  • Feet height: 20cm
Duo technology mattress - Specifications and details
  • Thickness: 22cm
  • Double pocket micro-springs technology, memory foam
  • Polyurethane foam and viscoelastic frame around the mattress
  • Special feature: non flippable
  • Fire certification 597
NOVOTEL Mattress size from 140cm to 180cm
Coutil composition:
  • 100% Polyester upper side and edges
  • 61% Cotton and 39% Polyester bottom side
NOVOTEL Mattress size from 90cm to 100cm
Coutil composition:
  • 100% Polyester upper side
  • 100% Cotton edges and bottom side
Informations and Warranty
  • 5 years warranty
  • Total height of the bed: 57cm
Available sizes
  • King size Bed: 180x200cm
  • Queen size Bed: 160x200cm
  • Double size Bed: 140x200cm
  • Twin size Bed: 100x200cm
  • Single size Bed: 90x200cm
Delivery The bed carries a warranty for defects in workmanship only. This coverage is for a full five years.
  • International Delivery
  • Secure Payment
  • Novotel Exclusive