What components make up the LIVE N DREAM bed?

  • Upholstered grey bed base
    • - Bed base height : 15 cm
    • - Material : pine wood
    • - Fabric : 100% polyester
  • Square feet :
    • - Material : natural wood
    • - Width : 8 cm
    • - Feet height : 20 cm
  • Central Round Feet
    • - Material : natural wood
    • - Feet height : 19 cm
  • Duo technology mattress
    • - Height : 22 cm
    • - Technology : pocket spring and memory foam top, encasement around the spring unit
    • - Special feature : non flippable
    • - Ticking : white stretch on upper side, white polycoton on the edges and bottom side
    • - Fire certification

What are the bed delivery times?

The delivery times are approximately 4 to 6 weeks in Europe. For further information, please contact our Customer Service department on +33 1 41 51 54 24.

You will be contacted the week prior to the arrival of the carrier to your area between Monday and Friday to coordinate the delivery. You will be provided with a 4-5 hour window of availability.

How are the items dispatched? What are the delivery times?

In Europe, our products are dispatched via a carrier company or by post, within 7 to 10 working days of confirmation of your order (2-4 days to France).

For other destinations, please contact our Customer Service department on +33 1 41 51 54 24.

How are the delivery costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the undiscounted total amount of your order before any taxes have been applied, except for Mattress & Box Spring Sets. Please note that all prices are listed in Euros.

MinMaxZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
€1 €49.99 €9.95 €12.95 €14.95 €14.95
€50 €74.99 €13.95 €16.95 €18.95 €19.95
€75 €99.99 €17.95 €19.95 €21.95 €23.95
€100 €149.99 €23.95 €26.95 €28.95 €29.95
€150 €199.99 €27.95 €29.95 €31.95 €32.95
€200 €249.99 €29.95 €32.95 €34.95 €35.95
€250 €299.99 €31.95 €34.95 €36.95 €37.95
€300 €499.99 €33.95 €37.95 €39.95 €39.95
€500 €799.99 €35.95 €39.95 €44.95 €44.95
€800 €999.99 €39.95 €49.95 €54.95 €54.95
€1,000 €1,499.99 €49.95 €59.95 €64.95 €64.95
€1,500 €2,499.99 €59.95 €69.95 €74.95 €74.95
€2,500 €4,999.99 €79.95 €79.95 €84.95 €84.95
€5,000 €6,499.99 €99.95 €99.95 €99.95 €99.95
€7,500 €9,999.99 €124.95 €124.95 €124.95 €124.95
€10,000 and up €149.95 €149.95 €149.95 €149.95
Zone 1 France, Monaco.
Zone 2 Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Nothern Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom.
Zone 3 Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.
Zone 4 Norway, Switzerland.

Charges may apply for deliveries to isles (e.g. Isle of Ré, Canary Islands, Balearic islands,...).

Additional surcharges may apply to remote areas. Customer service will contact you before delivery if additional surcharges will apply.

Mattress & Base

The bed and the mattress have a specific delivery costs depending on the delivery country, as indicated below:

Country Fees*
France, Monaco. €149
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom. €279
Switzerland**. €449
Portugal. €599
Bulgaria. €699
Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. €799
Denmark, Poland. €899
Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Sweden. €999
Greece, Estonia, Latvia. €1,299
Norway**. €1,499

For other countries of delivery, please contact our Client Service at +33 1 41 51 54 24 for a quote.

* Delivery and Set-up fees
** All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient and will be assessed upon delivery.

Who is responsible for duties and local tax?

For deliveries outside the European Union, customs duties, local taxes, importation duties and state taxes may be applicable. These taxes and duties will be charged to you and are fully your responsibility.

What is the returns policy?

The retraction period is fourteen (14) days, from the day after receipt of the item. Items are accepted for refund or exchange if returned in their original packaging in new/saleable condition within thirty (30) days from the day after receipt of the item. Any claim made outside this time limit will not be considered. The Customer is informed that any return is subject to prior agreement with Hotels At Home and that any items that are returned unwrapped, dirty, or incomplete can neither be exchanged nor reimbursed. The Customer is responsible for the cost of returns. Only the price of the returned item(s) will be reimbursed. Returns are to be sent to the address below:

eCommerce Logistique
ZAE du Bac des Aubins
Rue de la Tourniole
Bâtiment 2, cellule H
95820 Bruyères-sur-Oise

Items should be returned in their original packaging, in new condition, with a copy of the invoice enclosed.

For further information, please refer to our General Sales Conditions or contact our Customer Service department on +33 1 41 51 54 24.

Secure payments

For data collected online, we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which guarantees a high level of protection. This means that online transactions and payments made on www.novotelstore.com are totally secure.

When you complete your order, and enter your bank card details, the authorisation request is automatically transmitted in encrypted mode.
All transmitted information is coded, and the confidentiality and security of your transactions is guaranteed.
Your bank card number is encrypted. You can therefore shop online safely.

Any information you provide us with will be treated in a confidential manner. This is an integral part of our personal data protection policy.

Payment by cheque

If you wish to pay for your order by cheque, please send your payment to:

163 rue de la belle étoile
Business Park Paris Nord 2 – Bât 6B
95700 Roissy En France

Please write your cheque out to: HOTELS AT HOME, indicating the order number on the back of the cheque.

What are your general sales conditions?

You can view our general sales conditions by clicking here.

What product care advice do you offer?

  • Natural cleaning

    To help make sure your bed linen is always clean, get rid of dust and mites. Open the window, and expose pillows and duvets to the sun in summer and dry cold air in winter. Mites hate being directly exposed to sunlight and are even more averse to temperatures lower than 15°C.

  • Mechanical cleaning

    Washing is the best method to ensure perfect cleanliness and get rid of any mites. Wash your pillows three times a year, and your duvets once or twice a year.

  • Did you know...?

    The pillows and duvets in our range are especially designed to be machine washed and dried.

  • Duvets

    Locate and select the 40° delicate programme for linen, or the equivalent programme on your machine. Add the dose of soap indicated. At the end of the wash, select the fastest spin cycle. The drying cycle lasts approximately two hours, until your product no longer shows any traces of dampness.

    Take your duvets out mid-way through the spin cycle and shake it out vigorously.

    Only duvets smaller than or equal to 140/200 can be washed in standard domestic washing machines. Larger duvets will need to be taken to a dry-cleaner or a specialist launderer with machines able to take up to 10 kg.

  • Pillow

    Our pillows can be machine washed at 40°C, in the ECO whites programme or equivalent. Add the equivalent to one dose of your usual washing powder, and at the end of the wash select the fastest spin cycle your machine offers.

    The drying cycle lasts approximately two hours, until your product no longer shows any traces of dampness.

Are all products sold on the website standardised across all countries?

All goods sold are authorised Novotel products, but some may vary from country to country.